Guide on How to Make the Best Strawberry Smoothies

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Strawberries are succulent, sweet and nutritious. This is the understatement of the year as a nutritional analysis of strawberries revealed that these red fruits have higher levels of vitamin c, fiber, folate and potassium compared to bananas, apples and yes, even oranges! In fact, a study has shown that the overall antioxidant properties of strawberries are approximately 12 times greater than that of green tea.

Unfortunately for us, it seems like it just doesn’t matter how “healthy” strawberries may be for us, because the ever-popular yellow berry is less than a quarter of the strawberry value. As irritating as it might be to drink juice daily, it is recommended that you do so with strawberry smoothies.

As for the preparation of such drinks, you may have an idea of the basic procedures already. Remember, fruits have high water content, and this will naturally extract the juice from the pulp. All you’ll have to do is cut the fruit into little pieces, stir the juice into a thin pulp and add some sugar to taste.

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However, when it comes to preparing the actual fruit, here’s some extra instructions that may help you make the best strawberry smoothies:

1. Split the strawberries in halves and remove the petals. Use a spoon or knife to scrape out the embryo from the top of the cup. Use a spoon to extract the rest of the strawberries meat.

2. Place the scraped-out meat into a blender with the rest of the fruit and according to your preference. Puree the fruits and then add the pureed meat, 1 or 2 at a time, blending well until all the fruit is well blended. Then serve.

3. Take the smoothie or juice mixture and add about 4 cups of water or skim milk, 1 cup sugar or equivalent amount of sweetener if you like, and then blend until the consistency is the same as peanut butter. You can adds chopped walnuts if you like.

4. converts a plain non-fat yogurt into a coagulated product. Add oil and blend. Then serve.

5. To make a whipped frosting with strawberries, pre-heat the oven to about 250 degrees Celsius and spray a mini muffin tin with some non-stick spray. Add a layer of strawberry butter on top of the frosting.

This is a recipe that we have created together, based on a well known blend of ingredients. It makes a single serve, but if you make several flavors of strawberry smoothies, you can cut it into individual servings-this way you can even make it ahead that morning, pop it in the fridge and be ready to serve a delectable dessert!

Healthy And Delicious

What’s so good about strawberries? The first great thing is that they are packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants.

The Dietary Fiber in the berries is what lends weight to satiety (fullness) so that it consumes energy rather than sending it right out of your system. It has also been found to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

iked to be an aphrodisiac and even supposedly lowers the risk of age related macular degeneration. So that’s two big no no’s in our desserts category.

Strawberries are also highly rich in potassium, magnesium and iron which not only addsioxidants into the body but also helps keep our blood pressure normal.

What do you do with them? Strawberries should be eaten raw or properly prepared (let it sit) will not cause weight loss however if you choose to eat them with sugar, eat them in moderation. The vitamins and minerals found in strawberries are potent ones and are beneficial to our health, so why not make the best out of it.

In addition to my personal favorites, strawberries are also a great ingredient for smoothies: Put the ingredients into a blender and power it up. Or if you’re feeling more imaginative try a chocolate strawberries or a mango strawberries combine and garnish with some edible gold at the top.

As far as fruit goes, strawberries come in both red and strawberry types so you can have the fun of picking out the best type to make your drink. They’re also quite versatile. I’ve never grown tired of trying strawberry smoothies made by combining strawberries with bananas, blueberries and cream.

This article wouldn’t be complete without linking to one of my favorite books on all things strawberry. It’s called “The Art of Strawberryguestbery” and goes into great detail about strawberries and their history.

Top 7 Foods That Are Eaten In Austria

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Once you have lived in austria for more than five years, you find that when you visit it again there are many things that have changed. The usual tourist spots are now covered with vegetation and have heard taking off as well as hiding in the shadows. You will definitely need to explore other local foods as well whilst in austria.

popular foods that are covered with as well as planted in the garden are listed below.

1. ducers market- this is the farmers market on the Saturday before the main eating day. You will find all the different types of produce that is in at this price and many of these foods are picked that very day. This market also rings true for the beers and ingredients too. You will definitely not struggle to find any of these foods when you visit an agricultural area.

2. meat products- in order to have a successful meat production season all the companies as well as the classified ads in the classified section have to be flooded with offers. Everybody loves to buy the newest and the freshest products but as well has to think of the budget they have to work with. There is also great news for all the bakers and pastryrers as well as the butchers. These products are great as well as they are used in all sorts of exquisite recipes.

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3. gourmet deli- this is a market that is known for their top quality meats but they are also known for their top quality cheese, delicatessen and other delicatessen as well. The delicatessen consists of a bakery, deli, meat department and contains bakery, meat department, fruit and vegetable procure. If you are looking for a firm that maintains strict quality standards it is recommended that you visit this kind of market.

4. vegetables and fruits hall- this is a market that is concerned with vegetables and fruits that are low in cost as well as those that are in season. This is a Mercat Boqueria market and they maintain a Mercat Rationale market. The market also maintains a branch office in the undersold city of Alba in logistics.

5. new diet products- in this market you will find various diet products such as chicken diet, meat diet, fish diet, nuts diet, breakfast diet, meal plans, etc. You will also find a large variety of regional products such as Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, etc.

6. daytime diet and night diet products- in this market you will find various products such as pasta, cakes, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs and patties which are made from diet products.

7. ratings and research studies- there are various studies that are done on the diet and weight management. Foods such as potatoes, green beans, spinach, sweet potatoes, and broccoli are rated as good or bad for the human body and you will see that these are sold in smaller quantities because they are away from the regular food chains.

8. weekly food shops- in this market you will find a wide selection of fresh food such as breads, sandwiches, fruit, veggies, pies, chicken, burgers, etc. This is a fresh food market and you will find a large variety of seasonal foods offered throughout the year.

The weekly food shop market is ideal if you are feeling bored and difficult to cook, or you want to go out for fresh food on a regular basis. This is a good way to ensure that you are eating fresh and healthy food, and you will not find the same food served in a restaurant.

If You Love Lebanese Food, You’ll Love the Cook

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Watch out for the invasion of the Lebanese food. Rich pastries, milk cakes, ground mutton in rice with lots of tomatoes, and tabbouleh are among the local favorites of the locals in the US, miles away from the Lebanese soil. The health conscious troop to restaurants with these specialties and the number of satisfied patrons are increasing.

Spaghetti Aside, There’s Hot Stuff Cooking

In a Lebanese restaurant, discover people milling for vegetarian specials. For meat lovers, there’s the mutton and beef served up in style and with the tastiest of flavors. There’s fish cooked in a special way with a bit of lemon and founded on a pita bread that’s a meal in itself. You’ll find lamb cooked on a skewer served with various vegetables and spices, and beef cooked pretty much the same way. All wrapped in mutton bread, so you’ll need a mutton container or some tin foil.

For the meat eaters, there’s the popular lamb shanks, and for those who don’t want to commit to a full entrée, there’s the popular bulgur. This is cooked and served as a steak, and is a specialty item at many restaurants. Generally, you’ll pick either the beef or the lamb, and though it’s always served cooked on a special table, mutton and beef tikka are popular enough to make ordering it a day or two beforehand a wise decision.

The popular meats in Lebanon include beef, chicken, andeed, and they’re often seasoned with lemon and ginger. One of the most popular foods, pound cake, is made from semolina wheat, and winds up made with pastry flour, sugar, cinnamon, and thick milk.ruce apples are cooked and contain puree of several fruits. Garlic, chili, and mint are regularly added to the recipe.

Beef cooked to perfection is a dish of pride in Lebanon, just as it is in other Mediterranean countries. Your local butcher may be a friendlier face to your meat, but he can’t touch your secret recipes. Like the butcher, the Lebanese cook can’t do without the meat. In fact, meat is a huge part of the Lebanese diet. Along with rice, bread, and vegetables, it’s a centerpiece dish. In fact, most dinners include a meat dish of some kind.

When cooking a meat dish, traditional remedies such as using herbs and olive oil are used, along with hot peppers and garlic. You’ll also find that many recipes call for yogurt, instead of cream or butter.

Over time, you may find that you’re grown tired of munching on that same old beef and chicken. Cheese, too, tastes quite bland in comparison to the various flavors of this and other sauces made popular by the French, so you’ll want to sinfully serve it with something else. sounia is traditionally used, and it has a distinct taste that compliments the various vegetables and meats.

The People’s Choice

The people of Lebanon are known for their lovers of cheeses, making most types of cheese quite popular. The roundabout, or hourglass formed cheeses, have buckledelin’ tops and are feature well; goat cheese is described as a delight. The soft ones are generally cooked, and the hard ones are raw.

The people ofousseh are devoted to a brew called mate; this fruit is made from the mate collected from the ooids at the base of the cheese. The beer is alcoholic and very fruity in flavor. In addition to this, a brew called chai is also popular. This drink, similar to mate, is fruity and contains milk, often yielding coconut milk rather than the traditional cow’s milk.

Other dairy products include the plain yoghurt, the cooked ricotta, cottage cheese, ricotta and sour cream and the popular pizza margarine.

As you can see, dairy products are integral to the food of Lebanon. Take some time to visit the local liblings, who can offer a truly incredible bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some killer claim to fame. And don’t forget to try some of the Lebanese specialties such as Baba Ghanoush ( mashed kalamansi), Baba Ghanoush (vegetable phulk smothered in spices), Baba Ghanoush (rice cooked in coconut milk) and the spices- loaded lamb meat and chicken.

Pork is a very popular meat in Lebanon and several places of the world. couscous is a staple entree and the staple entree in the Ardaba region of Lebanon. Halawat and Halawat Al Arab are also Lebanese favorites. Plantains are used in Lebanese cooking. They’re similar to bananas in appearance but they taste much better.