Gluten Free Delights

Many people find it difficult to stick to a gluten free diet. It can be difficult for example to take coeliac disease food for example. You can find gluten free restaurants all over the country, but you might still have to go out and find the restaurants that offer this food.

Your health is important and so is your happiness. Living gluten free means you are happy, healthy and you can take control of your body. Eventually you will be able to lead a fullynormal life. This will not be easy, but the more you do it the healthier you’ll be.

gluten free shopping

Your main shopping destination will be in the town centre of the supermarket. Take some time to look at the selection of gluten free foods available. Unlike some other supermarket beverages, if you buy a yogurt based smoothie or any other nutrient dense smoothie, it will come to you fully cooked, easily.

Rule No.1)

Buy foods that are low in carbs, no refined carbohydrates or anything with ‘sugar’ in its name.

Rule No.2)

Buy protein, fresh or dried, from the farm shop or via the Internet.

Rule No.3)

Never buy ingredients or food characterised by ‘sugar’, ‘cane’ in its name, or anything else containing the word ‘sugar’.

Rule No.4)

Choose established brands. Shopping locally used or rare ingredients are better than using a generic brand. Also choose a reliable source that is open to producing your gluten free products.

Rule No.5)

If you find it difficult to locate a satisfying gluten free diet in restaurants, you may need to establish how far away you are from a suitable restaurant. Try an online search for the local address of the restaurant you wish to go to. Regardless of whether it is a hotel or a restaurant, you will be able to find the best-known gluten free restaurant in your area with a search engine, without having to visit the restaurant premises.

Once you have established your travel distance from the restaurant, you will then be able to make a number of choice meals; a combination of meat, vegetable and gluten-free dishes. You will need to keep the main meals simple; basil pesto, hamburgers, tuna, eggs, chicken stir fry, spaghetti, healthy stir-fry, green beans, salsa, beans in tomato sauce and garlic. So if you are Mexican, spaghetti is a must, if you are Swiss a pate or stew.

For the evening meal always keep carbohydrates to a minimum. This means avoiding colas, pastas, breads and roasted staples. Sure you can have a pizza or Chinese food every so often, but for a main meal you need to stick to a healthy diet. For instance, salads are a great choice, as are regular tomatoes, chicken and vegetables. Eggs and low fat cottage cheese is a great protein source, especially if you are a vegetarian or if you want to cut down on fat consumption overall.

For those afternoons around the BBQ with friends and family, it is acceptable to have a little dessert. Again, a low fat fabulous sauces can do wonders, but you can get away with something less fattening than a pie or a cake and still have a healthy meal. Why not make a non-breakfast smoothie? The basic ingredients include a banana, a half cup of yogurt (flavored with frozen fruit more than fresh), a half cup of blended ice-cream and a one cup of raspberries or strawberries and blackberries. Blend for just five minutes, sweeten with honey and drink immediately.

When you cook, try to steer clear of practices that put you at risk for poor hygiene and food poisoning. Be sure to keep the barbecue thoroughly clean and the working surfaces clean andaphrodisiacs free from germs. Wash your hands, cooking tools and utensils before and after you use them and especially after you handle or work around any food that has come into contact with raw meat or poultry.